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Biography Of Pastor Innocent Ihiovi


Biography Of Pastor Innocent Ihiovi

pastor Innocent ihiovi @bridging the gap intercession and evangelical mission is one of the world fastest growing pastor on evangelical mission and online prophetic declaration / prayers, tag ( receive Instant miracles at your door STEP) his mission has impacted many lives and destiny positively, he described his ministry that there’s no need for any one to transport to any destination far or near before getting miracles.
Biography Of Pastor Innocent Ihiovi Jesus Christ is everywhere, All you need is to watch his ministration and connect with strong faith. pastor Innocent ihiovi is also a popular gospel artist and songwriter that have released many song and videos, you can watch any of these on YouTube. pastor Innocent ihiovi is the CEO gmd of bridging the gap construction limited,
pastor Innocent ihiovi hailed from ihima in okehi local government of Kogi state. he was born on June 10th. graduated from Abuja university.
Biography Of Pastor Innocent Ihiovi
Pastor Innocent Ihiovi Biography
A dynamic and charismatic preacher, gospel musician, and composer, Pastor Innocent Ihiovi is well-known and well-liked all over the world. He is the founder and leader of Bridging the Gap Intercession and Evangelical Mission, a group whose goals include sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and helping those in need.

Pastor Innocent Ihiovi is a dynamic leader who is passionate about sharing God’s love with others. His goal is to enable people to experience the transforming power of the gospel and to perform miracles in their lives via his ministry. He is renowned for his potent internet prophetic announcements and prayers that have had a significant influence on several lives.
He has been able to connect with individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their origin, nationality, or religion, because of his distinctive and compelling preaching style.
Pastor Innocent Ihiovi
Pastor Innocent Ihiovi  Music Career
Along with writing and recording several gospel songs and music videos, Pastor Innocent Ihiovi is also a well-known gospel performer. He utilizes music as a potent instrument to encourage others to live lives of faith and hope and to spread the message of God’s love. He firmly believes that because Jesus Christ is present everywhere and can be reached via strong faith, there is no need for someone to go great distances in order to obtain miracles.
Pastor Innocent Ihiovi Businesses
also Pastor Innocent Ihiovi the CEO of Bridging the Gap Building Limited, a business devoted to offering customers high-quality construction services, in addition to his job as a pastor and a gospel performer. He has been able to start a prosperous construction business that has improved many lives because of his love of helping others and dedication to excellence.
Pastor Innocent Ihiovi
All You Need To Know About Pastor Innocent Ihiovi
On June 10th, Pastor Innocent Ihiovi was born in Nigeria’s Kogi state’s Ihima, Okehi local government. He completed his theology and religious studies coursework at Abuja University and is a graduate of that institution. Despite all of his success, he maintains a humble demeanor and is committed to using his abilities and resources to benefit others and change the world for the better.

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