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Music: Rita Reuben – Dream


Music: Rita Reuben – Dream

Rita Reuben is back with an unforgettable single titled “Dream”, the song is actually a fusion of Igbo language Igbo language and English
The lyrics and the music to this song will minister to you in a way that only God can.
The song “ Dream” will lift your spirit from that lonely place, and usher you into a place of comfort, peace, rest, wholeness and Joy.

Huuuu uh uh uh uh uh uh uh!!
oh uh uh uh, uh uh Auhhh!! Oh yeah enh ehnn!!
Verse 1:
I have a dream that I must chase, in your light.
I have a dream that I must chase, in your light
To be who you want me be is what you want me do day long.
To fulfill my purpose in you is what you want  me pursue life long
I wanna do it lord, in you.
Oh oh!!!!
Chukwu nmu ooo
Dady nmu ooo
(My God, my father)
Help me be Lord
Chukwu kiye, ike ka Ike
(Our God, power that is greater than power)
Help me become more..
Didi kiye, chukwu kiye
(Our father, our God)
Help me be Lord
All I wanna be I wanna become in you.
Bridge: Oh!! Oh!!!
Chukwu nmu ooo daddy nmuoo
(My God, my daddy)
help me be Lord.
Chukwu kiye ike dila Ike
(Our God, power in power) help me become more.
Eze kem,  uzu nmu
(My king, my friend) help me be Lord
All I wanna be I wanna become in you.
Verse 2:
And if I, could be all you want me to be,
I’ll be okay knowing I’ll get a well done child
My good and faithful servant from you, some day ehhh!!  enhhh!
In warm embrace
I know you will come.
Yes you will come
Uuhhh!!!! Yes you will
Yes you will.
Ooh, Ooh!
Chukwu nmu ooo
Daddy nmu oo
(My God, my daddy)
Help me be Lord
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